Chapter 1. Part 1. All about to start with mobile development.

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Inspired by several completed tutorials about mobile developing my brain start cumulating some ideas to release application which will help me a lot with daily sport routines, as my job field is all about IT and I sit very long time in front of monitor. Before even jump to it very deeply, I did research of App stores, and my goals were simple:

  • Shouldn’t be expensive, preferably Free
  • As easy using as possible
  • No caveats with advertisement block
  • No annoying notifications
  • As many variations of daily exercises as possible and shouldn’t repeated
  • Either workouts at home, street workout or fitness club
  • Motivation to use it daily

There were found applications very closely to my preferences but still not what I would to have installed on my phone with further daily usage.

Therefore, before to start prototyping and design something uniq, i am going to test those apps which were found based on my preferences and post my experience with them.




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Maksim Kobzev

Maksim Kobzev

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